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All HamsterBase APIs start with /public/api/v1


  1. Visit /settings/api to create a new API token. The format is similar to ZT478FS-XCB4CD1-N3XMPJC-ZT2FVNX

  2. When calling the API, assuming the Token is ZT478FS-XCB4CD1-N3XMPJC-ZT2FVNX, the following information needs to be appended to the request header.

    Authorization: Bearer ZT478FS-XCB4CD1-N3XMPJC-ZT2FVNX

Format Overview

The API response format is JSON and a 200 status code is returned for each successful API request.

The JSON response format is as follows.

interface HamsterBaseResponse<T> {
  success: boolean;
   * Return Results
  data: T;
   * Error code
  errorCode?: string;
   * Error message
  errorMessage?: string;