Save for later, read forever

A privacy-focused and offline-friendly tool for deferred reading.

Local First

Designed for offline use, independent of servers.

Privacy First

Zero data collection, prioritizing your privacy.

Keyboard First

Keyboard shortcuts to access nearly all functions with ease.

No Data Hostage

Store data locally and enjoy seamless API integration with other software.

No Subscription

Free during the beta period, Provide Believer plan, one-time purchase (60$) with lifetime updates.

Seamless Annotation and Note-taking

Elevate your online browsing with effortless annotation and note-taking on any web page.

Seamless Annotation and Note-taking

Break Free from Device Limitations

Experience true freedom with P2P Sync, liberating your database from device constraints.

Break Free from Device Limitations

Powerful Full-text Search

Unlock the power of comprehensive search, accessing the entire content of every saved web page.

Powerful Full-text Search

Personalize Your Experience

Customize your web page lists and views with filters and operators to make Hamsterbase truly yours.

Personalize Your Experience

Works with all your favorite apps





With HamsterBase,
control your interests,
now and forever.

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