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HamsterBase is a self-hosted, local-first web archive application. You can easy highlight and annotate pages, valuing privacy and security.


  • Store, manage, and preview HTML, MHTMLopen in new window and Webarchiveopen in new window documents.
  • Webpages can be highlighted, annotated and annotated retroactively.
  • Create custom views to filter webpages.
  • How to turn views into RSS feed.
  • No dependency on any server, all data is local first.
  • Full Text Search

Docker deployment (only 5 seconds)

Latest Version: 0.3.0

docker run \
 -d --rm \
 --name hamsterbase \
 --publish 31001:31001 \
 --volume ~/.hamsterbase/data:/app/data \
 hamsterbase/hamsterbase:0.3.0 \
 --port 31001

Build from source

  1. Clone repositoryopen in new window

  2. Install dependencies

    cd src
    npm install
  3. Download sqlite fts extensionopen in new window, Unzip the file and place it in src/simple.

  4. Run Script node main.js

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