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HamsterBase is a self-hosted, local-first knowledge collector.

Download Desktop app

Mac App Store | Mac with Apple chipMac with Intel chipWindows

Detailed installation guides

macOS | Windows | Synology | Docker | Build with compressed js


  • Store, manage, and preview HTML, MHTML and Webarchive documents.
  • Webpages can be highlighted, annotated and annotated retroactively.
  • Create custom views to filter webpages.
  • How to turn views into RSS feed.
  • Full Text Search
  • Point-to-point synchronization between multiple devices.
  • No dependency on any server, all data is local first.


Is HamsterBase open source?

HamsterBase is not open source software, it is only distributed through GitHub.

But we have open sourced the SDK, you can find it here.

And we provide open source Extension for other platforms