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The Obsidian plugin is open source, you can get it on GitHub.

Plugin Installation

HamsterBase is already available in the obsidian plugin store, and the specific installation tutorial can be found in the following document. Search for hamsterbase.

Plugin Configuration

In order to link hamsterbase, you need to obtain the Entrypoint and API Token. The acquisition method can be referred to this document

You can fill in the location where the notes are saved in the Folder.


After the configuration is complete, you can run the synchronization command from the command panel as follows:

  1. Press Ctrl+P (or press Cmd+P on macOS) to open the command panel.
  2. Type in ham, find the command HamsterBase Official: Sync highlights to hamsterbase/highlights
  3. Press the Enter key. At this time, your notes have been synchronized to hamsterbase.