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This is only a preliminary plan and may be changed in the future.



  • Chrome browser Extension
    • Support for annotating directly on web pages
    • Support for saving snapshots
  • Synchronization
    • Support for webdav synchronization (end-to-end encryption)
  • Properties field
    • Need to display file formats
  • Search
    • Support for search highlights
  • Highlights
    • Provide a new highlights page
    • Support sorting by the position you are in
    • New comment button, support direct comments.
    • Optimize the style of annotation list
    • Support shortcut keys
      • H Highlight
      • N Notes
    • Support creating annotations via API
  • Notes software plugins
    • Obsidian
    • Logseq
    • Siyuan


  • Sync
    • Optimize the UX of the sync interface
  • Highlights
    • Support unchecking with a single click in the selected area
  • View
    • Need to prompt the user on the button why it can't be saved
    • Optimize the style of buttons
  • Desktop version
    • After opening the software, restore the state before closing
    • Default last knowledge base every time you open it, no need to make the user reselect it
    • Add settings page entry to the top menu

Bug fix

  • Fix the problem that RSS button disappears


  1. mobile version for hamsterbase selfhosted


  1. iOS and Android