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singlefile is a browser extension that saves web pages as a single HTML file.

singlefile supports saving pages directly to HamsterBase via webdav.

Integration with singlefile

Prepare the Entrypoint and API Token

To connect SingleFile to Hamsterbase, you need to obtain the Entrypoint and API Token. You can refer to this document for the retrieval method.

2. Configure the singlefile

  1. Right-click the singlefile icon and click Options to open the singlefile settings page.
  2. Find the Destination option and check the box upload to a WebDAV server.

Enter the appropriate information in the form

  • URL: Enter Entrypoint/external/api/singlefile, you need to replace Entrypoint with the Entrypoint you created in the first step.

  • user identifier: Enter hamsterbase

  • password: Enter the API token you just created

After the above two steps, you are ready to use singlefile. Click on the singlefile icon to save the currently visited page to hamsterbase.